Why we love SME's

We at Plant a Flag have made a very conscious choice to focus on SME's. We admire your drive and ambition: you are fighting for growth, while the odds are against you. You are the underdog, and we are your fans.

The challenges of SME's

There have never been more possibilities to reach your target group(s) than today. As an organization, you are facing an endless number of on- and offline touch points to connect with fans, clients and prospects alike. In order to deal with this abundance of options, we provide you with a one-stop-shop to create a powerful brand experience, while simultaneously reducing your marketing costs.

Who we work for


All new businesses have one thing in common: they start from a single idea, coupled with great ambition. We know this very well, because we were a start-up ourselves not so long ago. Let's share the wisdom and aim for success!


You have outgrown the initial life stages of your business and are ready for more. The next challenge is to outperform your first million in revenue and to grow a sustainable business. Time to perfect you marketing strategy with a professional agency.


The world is changing fast and you know this. In order to make your organization future-proof, you have decided to adapt your businessmodel and are now looking for a reliable collaborator in the field of marketing. Let's join forces and fight this battle together.

Family business
Family business

Your family business has grown to a considerable size by combining hard work and in-house expertise. You know your strengths and weaknesses by heart and are always looking for the best-in-class advice to exploit potential opportunities. Meet Plant a Flag.

How we boost your marketing to the next level

We focus on creating local impact

Plant a Flag is a global marketing agency with a passion for local businesses. This means that we deliver state-of-the art marketing solutions to small-and medium sized businesses. Why? Because we really believe the next big thing will be a lot of small ones. 

We are able to do all this by providing a powerful combination of strategy and execution. This means that we will equip you with Strategists, Content Marketeers, Designers and Developers who take care of all your marketing and communication needs.

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