Why we love social profit organizations

You are passionate and you are on a mission for change. You are involved with the major challenges of today's society, fighting for a better world. The team at Plant a Flag would be honoured to support you in this battle.

The challenges of social & non-profit

There have never been more possibilities to reach your target group(s) than today. As an organization, you are facing an endless number of on- and offline touch points to connect with fans, contributors and beneficiaries alike. In order to deal with this abundance of options, we provide you with a one-stop-shop to create a powerful brand experience, while simultaneously reducing your marketing costs. 

Who we work for

In the past, we have worked for numerous organizations that work hard, day-in day-out, to make the world a better place.

Broederlijk Delen
Villa Voortman

How we help organizations create more impact

We support your mission

Plant a Flag has made a conscious choice to work for social profit organisations. We make our services affordable through our unique business model and we put our expertise to work for good causes. Why? Because we believe that it is our responsibility to build a better future.

We are able to do all this by providing a powerful combination of strategy and execution. This means that we will equip you with Experts, Strategists, Content Marketeers, Designers and Developers who take care of all your marketing and communication needs.

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