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Marketing strategy 101

Pieter Schouppe
Director Plant a Flag Canada
Plant a Flag Vancouver, Canada
The year is 2019. Google has all the answers, Facebook has all the people and you have a brand new website. Great. Now what?

If you’re anything like us, you believe 110% in your business and you cannot wait to tell the entire world: look at me! Buy my stuff! Subscribe to my service! But how? And where?

What you are looking for is a marketing strategy. This might sound like an overwhelming challenge, but fear not. All you need is to answer four questions to get started.

1. What is your objective?

Write down exactly what you want to achieve with your business in the next few months. Be specific and create SMART goals so it's easy to follow-up and evaluate accordingly.

2. Who are you targeting?

Research your target audience and establish a grounded understanding of who they are (demographic profile) and what they're like (psychographic profile). Pro tip: Look at your existing client base & look for low-maintenance, high-profit customers.

3. What is your message?

What is your reason for being? What problems are you solving? How will you rock your (future) clients' world? Distinguish yourself from your competition by focussing on the unique value you provide. That = your brand’s promise = your message.

4. Which channels to use?

The answer to this question is as simple as it is complex: just look at question number two. Understanding your target group will help to select the channels where you will find them. At Plant a Flag, we target corporate leaders and small business owners in the Greater Vancouver Area, which is why you were confronted with this piece of content on Linkedin :)

Curious to learn more about marketing strategy?

If you have an answer to these four questions and would like to review them with a marketing expert, book a complimentary session with our Canada Director, Pieter Schouppe