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Why your business needs fingerlickin’ good content

Look. We’re not going to beat around the bush here. The thing is: I’m into food. Really into food. Don’t get me started on breakfast, lunch and dinner plans, or I’ll easily kick off a 5 hour monologue. Dang, I’m even nibbling on a sandwich as I’m writing this. Meatball sub. Delicious. But how does this relate to your company?

Well. It does in so many ways.
It’s because of good food, or, to be more exact, the promise of good food, that I decided to become a Content Writer. A Content Writer is someone who makes sure that companies stand out with clear communications. He (or she!) is the person who writes your juicy posts on Facebook, websites that are easily readable, emails that generate leads, and relevant blogposts. If it has words, I probably wrote them, and you’ve surely read them. Surely?

Yup. Because I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve.

Anyway, we were talking about food.

Back in 2009, the old days, I was walking around a lively college neighborhood in Chicago. That street, with more than 25 restaurants, became super important for my future job.

I’m not going to tell you why I didn’t grab a seat at the standard Burger Kings, Wendy’s and McDo’s to have a bite. I am going to tell you why I decided on a tiny restaurant at the end of the street that didn’t really look all that inviting from afar. The raggedy shack boasted a red-green neon sign that stated:

Our chicken nuggets are so fingerlickin’ good, you’re gonna wanna take ‘em behind the dumpster and get ‘em pregnant.

with a little knock-your-socks-off phrase underneath it:

Come taste the nuggets that eat other nuggets for breakfast. Dee-lish

So funny, so hilarious and so greasy it slips up your veins and instantly clogs them. It made me instantly hungry. Poppa Joe’s Chicken Nuggets only needed 1 catchy phrase to turn me into a customer for life. I have to admit: they were funny as hell in all their communications, ranging from the banners outside to the menus and the packaging of their food. And I have to admit, the chicken was pretty good too.

It’s easy to spot the metaphor. Small companies need to be like Poppa Joe’s Chicken Nuggets. In a world where thousands of brands and organizations fight for your attention, the battle can only be won by great copy, dazzling words and call-to-actions that actually make your (potential) customers get up and do something. Because in the end, that’s what this is all about: to connect your client with your product or service.

And then there’s the question of target groups. How do you address a 60-year old? Or even more difficult: a 15-year old? And how can you capture the essence of your company in a short, strong message that leaves a mark those who read them? If you don’t have that, it’s time to get started, because our scrolling pattern looks a bit like this:

If our attention isn’t grabbed in the first seconds: skip it
If it’s too long: skip it
If it’s boring or not original: skip it
If I can’t click on it: skip it
If it doesn’t lead to anything: skip it
If the visual sucks: skip it

And so on and so on. My point is: your message, whatever form it’s in, gets lost in the slipstream. Which is a waste of your time and money.

Conclusion: if you’re selling something, whether it’s a product or a service, it’s important to convince people that it’s as great on a content level as it is on a visual level. Companies and organizations that realize this and act on it have a better chance of surviving in a world where it’s becoming more and more difficult to get your message across. We don’t even have to prove our point: you’ve reached the end of this blogpost, whereas almost all studies show the opposite.

Do you want your content to taste like Poppa Joe’s Chicken Nuggets? Then reach out to Plant a Flag. Our studio will take your content to a higher level, so your message gets heard. Just press Get Started in the upper right corner and let the adventure begin!

Cover illustration by the extremely talented Elise Vandeplancke. We’re always on the lookout for talented illustrators to brighten up our Labs articles. Just get in touch if you'd like to contribute!