Achieve your goals with your Marketing Plan

Our marketing experts will deliver a strategical roadmap towards growth that is tailor-made for your organization.

Your journey starts here

We will guide you through 3 different stages before we arrive at our final destination: a state of marketing excellence where you have a clear view on the challenges ahead, armed with all required tools to reach your objectives and to grow your business accordingly.

Strategy triangle

Stage 1

In-depth study

At the start of our collaboration, we like to get to the bottom of your business and the market(s) you are in. By means of a combination of workshops, desk research and data analysis we will achieve a profound understanding of who you are and the challenges you are facing.

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Stage 2

Grounded strategy

Once we have unraveled your DNA, it is time for some strategical thinking. You are invited to a number of workshops to complete our own analysis and to create a shared vision on how we can achieve your business objectives. This is where your marketing strategy takes shape: your mission, vision, segmentation, target group(s) and communication strategy are defined, discussed and adapted until we get it completely right.

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Stage 3

Tactical planning

Finally, we translate the different elements from your marketing strategy in a ready-to-go tactical plan. We meet in a final session where we convey all deliverables, meaning that you now have complete access to a detailed set of actions, divided over time, allowing you to enforce your marketing strategy. You are now armed with all required tools to grow your business to the next level.

Start planning your journey now

Simple and flexible pricing

We understand our clients' expectations very well, that's why we propose a clear and transparent pricing policy.

excl. BTW

I choose a Marketing Plan

€ 9.800

The SME-portfolio is a grant by the Flemish Government which provides financial support to entrepreneurs when purchasing services which improve the quality of ones organization. As a recognized service provider, Plant a Flag facilitates that 30% of your investment is paid for by the Flemish Government.

€ 9.800 - € 2.940 = € 6.860

Before getting started we compose a tailor-made roadmap, where we define which workshops and desk research will be part of your journey. Next, we align our agendas and set up all required meetings.

What does your 360° growth strategy look like?

Stage 1. In-depth study

In this stage we will collaborate in 2 workshops where we select a number of exercises and methodologies to tackle your marketing challenges, such as:

  • Trends research
  • Data-analysis
  • SWOT-analysis
  • Competition-analysis
  • Segmentation-analysis

Any other exercise will be added if required to achieve a successful marketing strategy. Our goal here is to see clearly before moving towards the strategic stage.

Stage 2. Grounded strategy

During this stage we have 2 more workshops to install your new marketing strategy. We want to be as precise as possible and have a clear definition on:

  • Your target groups 
  • Your customer journeys
  • Your brand strategy
  • Your market position
  • Your content strategy
  • Your communication channels
  • Your campaign and advertising strategy

Again, it is possible to customise different aspects in this phase according to your requirements and the targets we define together.

Stage 3. Tactical planning

Great ideas demand great execution. This is where tactical planning comes in. We will provide you with ready-to-use marketing instruments to gear you up for your journey, such as:

  • A tactical communication plan
  • A one-pager with a summary of your strategic vision
  • A marketing plan which covers an entire calendar year
  • A chronological execution plan covering the next 3 years

If you have reached this point, it means you are ready to tackle the future! Let's do this already.