Above All, Love Your Data

Thijs Vervloessem - Partner

Welcome to the age of data and algorithms. Never mind obscure divine powers, Google is now in charge. Nearly everything you do on the internet can be measured. After you leave this page, Google knows how you got here, how long you stayed and what you clicked on. This data constitutes a wealth of information, ready to use for marketing that appeals to customers.

Illustratie: Plant a Flag
Illustratie: Plant a Flag

Like crazy, you scroll, swipe, click and like. Every day you are confronted with an abundance of information. Spam clutters your inbox and on Facebook the umpteenth irrelevant ad appears on your timeline. If you are a marketer today, you are facing a tough assignment: to stand out amidst all of this.

Here is one way to go about it. Thanks to the wonderful world of Google, and by extension Big Data, you can try and target the right audience right away.

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"With good SEO, you will see your organic traffic skyrocket"

First of all, make sure your website is found by the right people by conducting search engine optimisation (SEO). Use Google Search Console to scrutinise your organic reach.

What is the average position of your website in search results? How many times are your pages displayed and more importantly, how many people click on them? Through which search terms do they find you?

Use this valuable information to create relevant web pages and marketing campaigns. Find out which search terms work and which don't. Make sure your site is relevant to your target audience. With good SEO, you will see your organic traffic skyrocket.

Knowledge is power. Use information about your organic reach and integrate it with data found through Google Analytics. Bring a clear structure to this seemingly chaotic world by setting up clear dashboards. That way, you can see in no time who your visitors are and what they are up to.

Divide your visitors into segments and cohorts. Consequently, you will learn which types of visitors yield a profit. This allows you to set up a real remarketing campaign via search engine advertising (SEA). Reading your digital data is the basis for good performance marketing and in the end, a strong combination of SEO and SEA will lead to a successful digital marketing campaign.

Google and its associated platforms and applications are the marketeer's playground. Immerse yourself in your data and numbers. Learn to analyse and use them, because the age of data and algorithms has arrived.


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