This is Why We Go for Small

Pieterjan Schouppe - Managing Director

Plant a Flag is a marketing agency with a clear focus: we deliberately work for SMEs.

Illustratie door Flore Deman
Illustration Flore Deman

Small business vs. big impact

We root for small businesses who drive the economy and who ardently try to advance society. They are the local heroes and we are their biggest supporters.

5 reasons to be a fan of small:

  • Innovation
    Small businesses adapt easily and work with simple procedures, but also with fewer resources. That encourages creative thinking, and this in turn leads to something better. It is no coincidence that SMEs claim 13 times more patents than their big brothers.
  • Diverse
    Anyone can start a business. SMEs pop up in a greater variety of formats than big companies. And the richer that landscape is, the easier it is to jump between the challenges of economy and society.
  • Local
    Small enterprises tend to operate locally, which results in local recruitment. An SME will create jobs faster than large companies. This has a direct impact on the regional level.
  • Loyal
    SMEs turn their limited size into an important asset, as they benefit from higher loyalty. They are closer to their customers, their employees and other local stakeholders.
  • Persistent
    Many start-ups and small businesses are beyond their initial try: the first (second, third...) business plan is rarely the last. Small entrepreneurs dare to persevere. They live and learn and launch new initiatives, which ensures more growth in the long run.

All in all, there is nothing ‘small’ about the impact of SMEs, quite the contrary. With combined forces, this group is far more influential than some multinationals. This is what we wrote on the wall of our office, several metres wide: “The next big thing will be a lot of small ones.”

Trust your own strength

SMEs face challenges: from small obstacles (think of a disgruntled customer on the phone) to bigger hurdles (think of cashflow problems or staff turnover).
Trust your own strength and look for reinforcement where you can best apply it. Only then will you stay crisp and hit the right balance between time, energy and your capital. An intelligent way of doing business leads to sustainable impact—which happens to be the strong suit of SMEs.

Do you want to increase the impact of your organisation? Plant a Flag is a specialised marketing agency with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. Find out more about our sturdy combination of strategy and implementation

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